Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saving Money on Your Wedding: Read The Fine Print

Let's face it: some of us are just big-picture people who'd rather leave the details to someone else! When it comes to saving big bucks on your wedding budget, detail-oriented people have the edge. Try to factor in all costs for an item or service when you get your prices. An obvious point is the reception. At my wedding there was no fixed price "open bar" option, so everything was drink by drink. We expected the bill to be high, but we didn't realize that we should have limited the drinks in terms of type. In other words, out came the expensive scotches and "top-shelf" drinks since guests perceive an open bar as an open bar. No one knew the financial carnage that was ensuing!

Another surprise can be dress alterations. In fact, bridal shops use alterations as quite the profit center. You can't blame them when they face tough competition from the Internet, present company included. However, when I hear about brides who bargained their dress down to $700 only to have to turn around and pay $350 for alterations, it makes me mad. My advice is to talk about the cost of alterations before you've bought the dress. That's when you have bargaining power. Once you've bought your dress, and you're at your first fitting, they can pretty much charge you whatever they want.

Feel free to comment with ways that you've saved money so that others can benefit from your wisdom!

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