Monday, September 21, 2009

Lace Wedding Dresses Are Rocking My World

It's been about five months since my post "Lace wedding dresses are making a come-back". To follow up, that was an understatement! Thankfully, our 2010 collection does not disappoint with many lace designs. Some are completely lace-covered, and some have lace appliques. Some have all-over beading, and some have no beading at all. In terms of silhouette, lace works best with a mermaid, sheath or slim A-line silhouette.

There are many different patterns of lace that are incredibly different from one another. You can have an open-pattern lace with vine-like patterns. Here is an example which has been hand-beaded with crystals, "pewter" beads and sequins: Custom Couture Florence "Bling" Wedding Dress. The vine-like pattern is sewn onto a textured English net background.

Here is the other end of the spectrum: Jessica lace Wedding Dress. It is not beaded at all, and is covered with a crocheted lace that is soft, supple and silky to the touch. Different still is Venetian lace. Venetian lace has no net "background" giving it a distinctive look. It also comes with a distinctive price tag, as in high. Christine Venetian Lace Wedding Dress also has a matching pure Venetian lace bolero and a matching Venetian lace veil. Are you drooling yet?

I'll end this post highlighting Alencon Lace, known as "the Queen of lace". Alencon is characterized by the fine corded edge that outlines the flowers and leaves of the underlying Chantilly lace. This adds a three-dimensional quality to the lace as well as stiffness. Here is a dress covered in a particularly "robust" Alencon lace: Jacqueline Alencon Lace Wedding Dress.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Designer Wedding Dress Collection: Opulence

Our newest collection of 2010 Designer Wedding Dresses at Custom Couture Bridal is called "Opulence". This is our highest-end collection, yet completely affordable. We have been told these gowns should retail for $2000 to $ 4000, yet we are making them available starting at $1099. Brides looking for a pure silk wedding dress will be especially pleased since upgrading to silk is approximately $400 depending on the style and the amount of fabric. By doing so these gowns are equivalent to dresses $3000 + in retail shops.

It really is all in the design and the details. The beading often uses Swarovski crystals and Austrian "diamonds" for beautiful sparkle. The laces are the finest: Alencon and Venetian to name a couple. The collection also often has matching accessories: veils and boleros or even a "coat" in two cases. Perfect coordination all made affordable AND made to measure. As you can tell, I'm quite proud!

Brides can still customize their gowns by choosing between various design options such as the closure, fabric, color, straps and beading. The gowns can also be combined with one another. We can make a custom design based on combining elements of this collection together, or we can use other design elements to make the perfect "dream" dress.