Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ivory Lace Wedding Dress By Vera Wang

Ivory Wedding Dress
Ivory Lace Wedding Dress By Vera Wang

Vera wang is a renowned fashion designer which has created quality designs include wedding dress. This time showing dress of masterpiece by vera wang for wedding, with ivory cloth design and be given touch floral lace design. Ivory lace wedding dress by Vera Wang specially designed for luxury wedding ceremony such as evening wedding day or celebrities wedding. For ivory lace wedding dress these visible long and use ball gown design also strapless, overall elegant looks when used by the bride.

Vintage Couture Wedding Dress

Couture Wedding Dress
Vintage Couture Wedding Dress By Claire Pettibone NY

Vintage couture wedding dress is the limited edition designed by Claire Pettibone NY, which launched on year 2008. Vintage couture wedding dress these using white silk and covered floral lace, and more sexy moment be given halter design by by Claire Pettibone NY is famous designer. This dress created for wedding formal such as evening wedding day, will be beautiful looks moment weared by bride and romantical memories with groom. Vintage couture wedding dress by Claire Pettibone NY secured prides for your wedding.

DRESSING THE MOB: Tadashi Does It Right

Why is it that designers do not make beautiful dresses for the Mother of the Bride? Most MOB dresses make mothers look like hags. So ridiculous. I would want my mother to look stunning on my wedding day. So I love this dress by Tadashi (of course, Tadashi!). The color is incredible and the silhouette is fabulous for any MOB. Available at Nordstrom.

So, So Cute: Lovin' You Print by Dear Colleen

This print by Dear Colleen is so adorable. It would make a fabulous wedding gift from you to your sweetie pie.

Ivory Modest Wedding Dress With Pocket

Modest Wedding Dress
Ivory Modest Wedding Dress With Pocket By Dior

This is the wedding dress by Dior is a famous designer, this time create a ivory wedding dress who looking modest. Wedding dress these wrapped with ivory cotton fabric known to be very comfortable when used, and more special when designed two pocket bag on the right and left chest. Ivory modest wedding dress with pocket these of the 1972 vintage, and often used on casual occasions in the garden wedding. Ivory modest wedding dress with pocket by Dior also designed with short skirt, so more casual and could be used for beach wedding.

Monday, August 30, 2010

White Modest Flower Girl Dress

flower girl dress
White Modest Flower Girl Dress For Six Years Down

Flower girl is one of the wedding ceremony participants, also flower girls are usually members of the bride or groom extended family thus have an important role. For it must be attentions about a dress that will be used, and this is white modest dress special for the flower girl which cute look designed with lace and such as ball gown. White modest flower girl dress these spacial for the six years down, because designed more cute and funny. Ideas for flower girl dress with white modest design could be insight and inspirations for wedding ceremony participants and secured comfort for flower girls.

Beautiful Adornment: Gottlieb & Sons Have Got Convertible Bling

Diamonds are truly a girl's best friend. There is no better to time to bling it up than on your wedding day. These gorgeous earrings from Gottlieb & Sons are from their Convertibles Collection. The collection is comprised of innovative earring jackets that enable diamond stud earrings to be worn in two additional ways through one incredible design. Convertibles allow for the earring jacket to hang below the stud or to be worn as a center. You have to love multifunctional bling.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Japanese White Modest Wedding Dress

White Wedding Dress
Japanese White Modest Wedding Dress With Modern Design

The Japanese culture of the wedding has a characteristic include for wedding dress design, known with kimono as the pride of Japanese fashion. This time display a modern Japanese wedding dress, with designed modest but still elegant. Japanese wedding dress this using white silk and chiffon which arising from the a cherry blossoms ideas, so that created to lace design. Japanese characters design appear on halter and cherry blossom lace, so very harmonize looks with white modest gown and will be beautify for bride in the wedding. The Japanese white modest wedding dress created for modern ideas and leave no Japanese culture, so that will be inspiration for Japanese wedding style.

Classic Ball Wedding Gown With Plus Size

Classic Wedding DressClassic Ball Wedding Gown With Plus Size

In the era of modernization there is still a yearn classic wedding, and moreover for classic wedding dress design with plus size. This time will provide a work of extraordinary ideas from a classic wedding gown, which used ball wedding gown with plus size. Ball wedding gowns is very identical with classic wedding themes, and became custom for classic wedding party. Further highlight the classic on gold and silver color combination, wedding dress like this often used in aristocratic environment.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lovey in Blue

I found this picture while browsing on picasa.It is one of the most stunning pictures ever!
(Click on the picture to see it larger).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress
Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dress With Halter

Appear sexy on the wedding ceremony is every bride dream, and that must be attention is the design of wedding dress. Mermaid wedding dress known which as the sexy design, and become a trend among the bride. Now shown in the picture is a mermaid wedding dress with halter, so more sexy looks when weared by the bride. Mermaid wedding dress this also use white silk, aims to more comfort when weared bride and adds support for sexy looks because more soft and thin. Mermaid wedding dress these also suitable for wedding beach theme because also a casual design. Ideas mermaid wedding dress these designed in order that be motivation to inspirations for your wedding.

WEDDING CONTEST: Amazing Wedding Cakes is Giving Away $2500

Got Amazing Cake Skills?! Then create the most amazing cake, and upload a picture of this fabulous cake and you could win up to $2,500 in prizes! WE tv is hosting an Amazing Cake Photo Contest to celebrate the new season. Fans can submit their most amazing cake creations for a chance to win $2,500.

Grand Prize: $2,500

Runners Up (2): WE tv Prize Pack

Deadline for entry: October 8, 2010

You can find the rules and an entry form for the Amazing Cake Photo Contest here.

Elegant Prom Wedding Dresses

Prom Wedding DressElegant Prom Wedding Dresses

For a wedding party for brides or guest invited should be appear elegant, to give the impression pretty for all who see. Wedding prom dresses is a special dress designed for the wedding by designer, this is one of the best breakthrough dresses for a wedding with strapless and ball gown design. And add to the beauty use the pastel purple color, known as soft colors and comfortable. Elegant prom dresses for a wedding also using lace touch and beaded, so that more interesting and complete as wedding gown. Prom wedding dress which elegant looks these will be bring change and self confidence for bride or guest invited, and can be used for beach wedding or evening wedding party themes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Peachy

Ah,I love this color!Especially for fall.Saw this dress on modcloth and that's what started this whole post.I really wish I could get this peach silk dress.Peach..and silk..mmm.I think it would make good bridesmaids or Matron-of Honor dresses.
Hello,Marilyn Dress in Peach

What a cheerful thing to wear around your neck!
Rope Necklace in Yummy Brights

There are more of these headbands in other colors,love this etsy shop!So nice and delicate looking,with a splash of bling.And I have a feeling those crystals will not fall off anytime soon like they often do from other stores.
Savannah - peach swarovski crystals in antiqued copper flowers

I searched a long time to find some oak leaf earings like I imagined,and finally found these.....

Real Lacey Oak Leaf Earrings in Iridescent Copper

These vintage shoes are on sale for $10 right now.
Coral vintage heels

Orange Bridesmaid Dress With Beaded

bridesmaid dressOrange Bridesmaid Dress With Beaded

Bridesmaid have to look cheerful the use of dresses, and the average using a bright dress. This is a special design for bridesmaid dress, with orange dress and be given beaded so elegant looks. Moreover orange bridesmaid dress these created with long design and halter used, which has been well planned with designer. Every girls as bridesmaid will be beauty looks with orange dress these, and will be adult display with beaded ornament.

Beautiful Adornment: Bejewelled and Fabulous

Aren't these gorgeous. I love Bejewelled Bespoke. They made me an amazing necklace earlier this year. I love it and receive compliments on it all the time. So I am so not surprised about these fabulous earrings. You have to love 'em. Perfect when you don't need to wear a necklace with your dress.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Casual Ivory Wedding Dress

Ivory Wedding DressCasual Ivory Wedding Dress For Beach Wedding

This is a beach wedding dress designed a casual with ivory, so more relaxed and comfortable when wear for bride. Beach themes aims to for relax wedding ceremony, so for harmonize theme then a bride also used casual wedding dress. Ivory Wedding dresses the a special designed by designer with floral lace and strapless, so more beautiful and graceful looks. Casual gown is average for beach wedding ceremony, and a new breakthrough when used ivory is very creative. Ideas for casual ivory wedding dress these can be new inspirations that is very suitable for beach wedding party.

Shop Feature-Kelley of Drawworm

Today's feature is about Kelly,an artist who has a shop on etsy.She draws custom portraits from photographs,and her bridal drawings are really lovely.I got to ask her a few questions,and she shared some photos from her wedding,as well.

(Kelley's self portrait)

Me:Tell us a little bit about you and your shop.
Kelley:In high school my mom gave me a book called "Draw Real People!" and my life was never the same. I especially liked drawing pictures for my friends and seeing their expressions when I gave them the drawings. Two years ago I opened up my Etsy shop, "drawworm," where I draw custom pencil portraits from people's photographs. My customers so far have been awesome, and working closely with them is a lot of fun.

Me:When did you first start drawing?
Kelley:There has never been a time in my life when I wasn't drawing. Seriously, I can't remember a time when I didn't feel a need to have some paper and pens nearby.

Me:Story behind your shop name?
Kelley:When I was young, my father saw me with my nose buried in a book and said, "You're such a bookworm!" My little brother, knowing my love for drawing, added, "Yeah, and you're a drawworm, too!"

Me:Are you married?What was your wedding like?Any favorite vendors?
Kelley:I got married two years ago in a quaint, white chapel. We had a small reception in the church courtyard, and were blessed with mild, sunny California weather. We had the caterer serve bubble milk tea at our reception. Our younger guests loved it, while our older guests (who had not yet been introduced to the recent bubble tea trend) were a little befuddled. Either way, people really remember the bubble tea at our wedding!

(Guests drinking bubble tea)

Me:I know this varies,but about how long does it take you to draw a Custom Bridal Portrait from Photo 9x12?
Kelley:I usually finish a 9x12 drawing within two weeks, but I can do it in one week, if needed.
(Custom Bridal Portrait from Photo - 9x12)

Me:One of your favorite drawings so far?
Kelley:My favorite drawing is this one:Angel Portrait

I like the "bokeh" effect in the background.

Me:One or two random facts about you? :)
1. I am left-handed
2. I hate the feel of egg cartons

Me:Do you have a twitter,facebook,or blog?
Kelley:I do have a blog, where you can see other drawings I'm working on, cool stuff I find on Etsy, and other artists I find inspiring.http://drawworm.blogspot.com

Too Cute for Words: Wedding Video of Coco Rocha and James Conran

Coco + James // Teaser from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

Could they be any cuter? Via Refinery29.com

Casual Tea Length Wedding Dress

Casual Wedding DressCasual Tea Length Wedding Dress

This is one dresses favored by the bride namely tea length design, and more casual looks. Casual tea length wedding dress these using a ivory white silk so more comfort, when weared to bride and luxury impression. Tea length dress these also using halter so sexy looks, and very suitable for beach wedding ceremony. Ideas for casual tea length wedding dress can be inspirations for the success of your wedding.

Elegant Evening Wedding Dress With Short Skirts

evening wedding dressElegant Evening Wedding Dress With Short Skirts

For a wedding ceremony at evening days for brides or guest invited, must be able to use the dress which matches the theme. One of a wedding dress best match for evening days is in the picture, is a wedding dress with short skirts design which has been specially designed for evening. Wedding dress these also strapless and use black a-line floral so elegant looks, and adds luxury of wedding dress these used purple silver silk. In the picture for wedding dress other elegant looks also casual looks, so far will be comfort used for brides or guest invited. Wedding dress with short skirts is becoming a trend for now, and have been selected be the right option for evening wedding day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For The Boys: Boutonnieres Extraordinaire

We talk so much about the bride on here that we sometimes forget about the dashing groom. Dashing grooms need proper boutonnieres. This collection by Pomp and Plumage is fab and very understated. If your guy is not into flowers, this is a great alternative. Just right.

Gray Casual Short Wedding Dress And Strapless

Short Wedding DressGray Casual Short Wedding Dress And Strapless With Chiffon

Sometimes the bride prefer a casual wedding dress for a wedding ceremony, because it is more comfort and as a character using a short dress. This a casual wedding dress and more flexible because can be used for guest invited or brides, a casual wedding dress these designed short dress and strapless so that give the impression of relaxed, and also using gray chiffon to applied on casual wedding dress these. Ideas for gray casual short wedding dress and strapless these designed special by famous designer, so can be insprations and sample for your wedding dress design.

Get Your Drink On: Garnish, Dress Your Drink

Luxurious Wedding has a new blog, GARNISH - the Luxurious Wedding | Dress The Drink Signature Cocktail Blog. Luxurious Wedding | Dress the Drink offers you an artist's palette of colors and textures to garnish the edges of beverages. Give it a try.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue And White Short Wedding Dress

Short Wedding DressBlue And White Short Wedding Dress With Porcelain Theme

This is an informal with short wedding dress worn by Japanese girl, that looks unique with blue and white scheme used porcelain design theme. This is a short wedding dress design a more informal and more flexible because can be use for brides or guest invitations, with blue and white so that more beautiful looks. Blue and white short wedding dress ideas often become inspirations for the bride to applied in the wedding ceremony.

Oh So Dainty: Your Reception Dress Awaits at RedBox Vintage

Vintage bridal lovelies, here is a fab option for you to change into after the ceremony. This is a beautiful number from the fifties. So dainty. So divine. Get it at RedBox Vintage.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

White Modest Wedding Dress With Halter

White Wedding DressWhite Modest Wedding Dress With Halter

In this picture seen a bride wear white modest wedding dress with halter so sexy looks. White modest wedding dress with halter these using white chiffon, so it is more comfort wear brides. White modest wedding dress with halter designed more flexible, suitable for all theme wedding such as in the beach of wedding. Ideas white modest wedding dress with halter gives a wonderful impression in your wedding.

Friday, August 20, 2010

White Sexy Halter Wedding Dress

White Wedding DressWhite Sexy Halter Wedding Dress With Mermaid Skirt design

In this pictures is a white halter wedding dress with mermaid skirt design, so that sexy looks. White halter wedding dress with mermaid skirt design, more sexy looks after using a lace design. This white halter wedding dress with mermaid skirt is the specially designed by designer for in formal wedding include for beach wedding ceremony. Ideas white sexy halter wedding dress with mermaid skirt design can be inspirations for your wedding, and secured will be riveting front in guest invitations.

Long Pink Bridesmaid Dress Design

Bridesmaid DressLong Pink Of The Bridesmaid Dress Design

This is bridesmaid dress design with pink color that looks fresh and beautiful, a pink dress is very favorite among the junior bridesmaid. Long pink bridesmaid dress in the picture is a good ideas for bridesmaid as wedding ceremony participant. Ideas long pink bridesmaid dress design, will be add to the cheerful in the wedding party and will be pride for bridal and visible adult with strapless.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bridal Party Gifts: For Your 'Maids

I totally want one of these travel jewelry cases from Delight.com. How cute! Would make a lovely gift to put in your bridesmaid swag bag. Price: $36.50.

Elegant Gold Wedding Dress Mermaid

Mermaid Wedding DressElegant Gold Wedding Dress Mermaid

This is an elegant design of the wedding dress for brides, elegant impression appears on silk gold and a mermaid style. Mermaid wedding dress still very rare to use for bridal and just the certain circles which using, and add a golden silk in the mermaid wedding dress also strapless so that elegant looks and very suitable for luxurious wedding party. Elegant gold wedding dress mermaid these has been created with the perfect by designer, and add brown flower accessories around his waist so that more harmonious combinations. Ideas for elegant gold of the wedding dress mermaid become the pride for brides, when be used in the wedding ceremony and can be inspirations for every brides.

Capturing the Moment: BlueSpark Photography

How incredible to catch the raw emotion of a father on his daughter's wedding day? This picture truly epitomizes what it means when people say "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Wedding Photographer Diana Zapata of BlueSpark Photography has such an eye. These gorgeous images are from a wedding she shot last year. But these images clearly demonstrate her ability to make you feel like you were there. Amazing. To see more of her work and to book BlueSpark Photography for your wedding, visit her web site.