Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gorgeous Victorian Lilac Flower Girl Dress

Ivory Flower Girl DressGorgeous Victorian Lilac Flower Girl Dress

Alexia Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

Floor Length Wedding Dress
Alexia Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

This is a beautiful dress to bridesmaid with a combination of black and ivory designed by Alexia, and looks in the neckline designed sweetheart. On part the ivory on sweetheart bridesmaid dress using satin a great combination by Alexia, and a very gorgeous on shoulder strap designed single on left to be applied with floral patterns. Sweetheart bridesmaid dress by Alexia for hem line skirt designed floor-length so more elegant.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Claret Plus Size Wedding Dress

Claret Plus Size Wedding Dress

Now introduce new color for wedding dress namely claret, which are perfectly applied on plus size wedding dress. Interesting combination between claret silks with plus size wedding dress pattern like gold embroidery and strapless neckline. Claret plus size wedding dress designed ball gown so it was really stunning.

Modest Pencil Skirt Wedding Dress

Sleevess Wedding Dress
Modest Pencil Skirt Wedding Dress

Now showing of modest wedding dress with sleeves, but that looks different from the other dress is skirt design called with pencil skirt design. The modest pencil skirt wedding dress which as a whole tends to vintage styles, and highly recommended for guest of wedding. Some buttons and collar shows the modest style, but a more mainstream referred to as of pencil skirt because on hem line skirt designed narrow to form such as pencil.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gathered Bridesmaid Dresses

Short Wedding Dress
Gathered Bridesmaid Dresses

This is one type of cocktail dresses made specifically for bridesmaid, more special designed with gathered pattern under the sheath. Looks charming a strapless sweetheart bridesmaid dresses with combining gathered, and the more coquettish with short skirt design.

Bateau Neckline Wedding Dress

Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Bateau Neckline Wedding Dress

One that affects the beauty to wedding dress is neckline styles, which is always a major concern among the bride. There are several types of neckline styles and everything has its own character, like Bateau neckline always favored because it is quite simple but almost can be combined with all wedding dress design. A bateau neckline wedding dress in the pictures very stable made with silk champagne and designed trumpet, and an increasingly perfected is empire waistlines.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crumb Catcher Neckline Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding Dress
Crumb Catcher Neckline Wedding Dress

There is some kind of neckline to wedding dress and some very familiar seen and heard, but you would not understand with crumb catcher neckline styles. The crumb cathcher neckline which caused an uproar modeling while walking on catwalks when introducing the latest wedding dress, because looks has a scalloped effect neckline. As you can see in the pictures blend neckline between crumb catcher with strapless which is also associated with mermaid silhouette, which add to the perfection with natural sash the lace.

Flower Girl Dres for Spring 2011

Flower Girl Dres for Spring 2011

The bride who will perform weddings in the spring in 2011 need extraordinary preparation, because it will get big challenge to realize all the elements of marriage in accordance with the theme of spring included for dress for one of the wedding participants namely flower girl. In here displays of the flower girl dress special for spring in 2011, a red ball gown designed ruffle. The flower girl dress these not so much trouble when walking because designed a floor-length, and the adds beautiful is beading applied to the above dress.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mother Wedding Dress with Jacket

Sleeves Wedding Dress
Mother Wedding Dress with Jacket

This is the wedding dress specially designed for mother which has an elegant style, and perfectly equipped with jacket. A mother wedding dress these the jacket with three-quarters sleeves size working removable. Although using a jacket but feminine side still appear on mother wedding dress, marked with strapless sweetheart neckline and designed floor-length. The mother wedding dress with jacket have the same color and material, outline with blue stone color and combine between taffeta and satin.

Halter Wedding Dress with Brooch

Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Halter Wedding Dress with Brooch

Some women give the impression that a wedding dress not perfect without accessories. And this time a wedding dress be given brooch as one of the favorite accessories, and a very stunning brooch affixed in the navel that connects with halter neckline. Halter wedding dress with brooch these is very elegant after the hem line skirt designed angkle-length really great combine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Charmeuse V Neck Wedding Dress

Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Charmeuse V-Neck Wedding Dress

All women should continue to follow the development of fashion wedding dress, for at the time of marriage not outdated. Maybe you are new to charmeuse wedding dress highly characterized, you can know in the picture a charmeuse wedding dress designed v- neck. Stunning combination a charmeuse wedding dress designed v-neck which also gives a perfect impression, adds with beading under side of the sheath.

Exotic Draped Neckline Wedding Dress

Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Exotic Draped Neckline Wedding Dress

This is the wedding dress a truly exotic especially for neckline design designed draped. To create of the draped neckline wedding dress need to be selected soft fabric like chiffon, as shown in the picture is really perfect. Draped neckline wedding dress these designed sleeveless and floor-length skirt, and overall support as exotic types.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sheath Column Wedding Dresses

Halter Wedding Dress
Sheath Column Wedding Dresses

Every woman who will soon married would be confused to choose wedding dresses, because it comes with many styles but now introduce of the sheath column wedding dresses which became the most favorite. Sheath column wedding dresses these look graceful with halter, and designed specifically for beach wedding. Sheath column wedding dresses these made of white chiffon,
a more perfect designed mermaid silhouette and floor-length.

Spring Asymmetrical Wedding Dress

Ruffles Wedding Dress
Spring Asymmetrical Wedding Dress

A new breakthrough to the style of wedding dress for spring, you can see asymmetrical neckline plastered on top dress. Asymmetrical wedding dress these applied with floral applique on strap and ruffled design on skirt so it is characterized as spring wedding dress. Spring asymmetrical wedding dress add character with floor-length hem line, making it very convenient when you walk and impressive formal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mermaid Scoop Neckline Wedding Dress by Angel Sanchez

Floor Length Wedding Dress
Mermaid Scoop Neckline Wedding Dress by Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is very surprising with launching gorgeous wedding dress and not found in previous, with designing scoop neckline and use mermaid silhouette. Mermaid scoop neckline wedding dress by Angel Sanchez is a masterpiece, with creativity apply to the hemisphere from the neckline until skirt. Mermaid scoop neckline wedding dress by Angel Sanchez these adds short sleeves and pleated skirt.

Wedding Dress With Color

Lace Wedding Dress 2011

Modern 2011 Wedding Dress

Elegant Kebaya Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Lace Wedding Dress
Elegant Kebaya Wedding Dress with Sleeves

This is a kebaya wedding dress very elegant coming from south east asia region, but for now belong to the bride worldwide. A kebaya wedding dress which reflect the modern style which looks always use lace and very elegant with sleeves, and very suitable for spring wedding because be given fur embellishments which serves as shawl. Kebaya wedding dress with three quarter sleeves seem to use gold organza and v-neck design.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweetheart Court Train Wedding Dress

Sweetheart Court Train Wedding Dress

We believe that you are very experienced choosing a beautiful wedding dress and when worn like princess, and an option on court train wedding dress. In the pictures you can see a court train wedding dress designed sweetheart neckline, is a stunning combination adds spaghetti strap. A sweetheart court train wedding dress these looks very comfortable with white ivory silk.

Private Label Wedding Dresses

Private Label Wedding Dresses

Gorgeous Strapless Floral Applique Wedding Dress

Sweetheart Wedding Dress
Gorgeous Strapless Floral Applique Wedding Dress

So less than perfect if we see a wedding dress without embellishments. As shown in the pictures a wedding dress fitted floral applique so giving gorgeous impression, it is very harmonious combined with strapless sweetheart neckline. If you observe the strapless wedding dress use gorgeous floral applique in certain parts, as we see on waist and designed on removable strap so romantic. The gorgeous strapless wedding dress with floral applique these designed ball gown, and use white linen.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Asymmetrical Ivory Wedding Dresses

Asymmetrical Ivory Wedding Dresses

This is a beautiful wedding dresses and stunning designed with one shoulder strap filled flower appliques, and the most remarkable designed with asymmetric neckline is very rare in the fashion world. Besides designed asymmetric is very complete and perfect combined with white ivory silk money to create elegance for wedding dresses design.

Joss Stone "L-O-V-E"

This has recently become one of my favorite songs.I first heard it on a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle TV ad with Keira Knightley quite a while back,and of course the song has stuck with me ever since.Enjoy!

Ella Lace-Up Wedding Dresses

Champagne Wedding Dress
Ella Lace-Up Wedding Dresses

This is stunning wedding dresses by Ella designed trumpet, and on top dresses designed lace-up shown in sweetheart side and strap. Lace-up wedding dresses visible harmonic between illusion strap with neckline which overall wrapped with satin champagne. Ella highly sophisticated integrate lace-up and let the plain on bottom wedding dresses.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gorgeous Floor Length Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Ball Gown Bridesmaid Dress
Gorgeous Floor Length junior Bridesmaid Dress

Valuable opportunity if your little angel believed to be junior bridesmaid as early as the experience as senior bridesmaid, therefore fully express to select a gorgeous dress special for junior bridesmaid. As you can see A junior bridesmaid dress designed ball gown with floor-length hem line skirt making it very convenient to move so looks gorgeous. On top dress be given strap and left plain with satin also for bottom dress on skirt designed ruffled patterned and floor-length which would make junior bridesmaid became gorgeous.

Jessica's Boho Veil

I totally meant to blog about this,well,back in April.It's just too yummy not to share.If you'd like to see the original post,and how to get her look,here it is.
"The Veil"

Gorgeous Lace Bolero Wedding Dresses

Spring Wedding Dresses
Gorgeous Lace Bolero Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses if want to look gorgeous then better using bolero jackets. The bolero wedding dresses in the picture designed three-quarter sleeves with fully lace so suitable for spring wedding. A lace bolero wedding dresses guaranteed gorgeous look when worn bridal on hem line adds ruffled design especially on neckline also act as collar.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strapless Empire Wedding Dress

Chiffon Wedding DressStrapless Empire Wedding Dress

You want appear like a princess in the empire on wedding, you may be inspired in this amazing wedding dress. On this post offer of the empire wedding dress designed strapless made of blue chiffon and floor-length. Strapless empire wedding dress is gorgeous plus sash as embellishments.

Bill Levkoff Glamorous Court Train Bridesmaid Dress

Sweetheart Wedding DressBill Levkoff Glamorous Court Train Bridesmaid Dress

Every woman who acted as bridesmaid always consider and look of the bridesmaid dress by Bill Levkoff, because it is very famous and expert. This time in the pictures Bill Levkoff offer bridesmaid dress made of black silk which glamorous character and very rarely applied court train. Every woman certainly amazed with court train bridesmaid dress by Bill Levkoff, that at the top of the dress wearing spaghetti strap and sweetheart design.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bohemian Halter Wedding Dress

Sleeveless Wedding DressBohemian Halter Wedding Dress

Many women often popularize bohemian wedding dress because he felt free to move. Offered many types of bohemian wedding dress and one of them you can see in the pictures which tend modest and sleeveless only using halter neckline and given a little embroidery. To the bottom or more specific on skirt of the bohemian wedding dress just looks a little stitching and given little shirt button just for embellishments and is ideal and perfect combined with halter.

Elegant Evening Scoop Wedding Gowns

Sleeves Wedding DressElegant Evening Scoop Wedding Gowns

You definitely want to look elegant while attending the evening wedding, and one that determines choosing the right wedding gowns to evening wedding theme. In the pictures displays of the evening wedding gowns with scoop neckline which looks elegant designed removable strap and with three-quarter length sleeves. The interesting of the evening scoop wedding gowns fitted shawl collar and beaded trim matching with bolero jacket, also gorgeous applied embroidery lace styles.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple V-Neck Flower Girl Dresses

Ivory Flower Girl DressesSimple V-Neck Flower Girl Dresses

You have to find ideas to beautify your child to accept the role as flower girl in the wedding. May be of simple flower girl dresses is the right inspiration to your,. made with ivory satin that form v-neck in the neckline styles. The simple v-neck flower girl dresses on hem line skirt applied floor-length that looks more mature. You also can see three horizontal red line is a embellishment innovation to simple v-neck flower girl dresses.

Eden Bridals Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Floor Length Wedding DressEden Bridals Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

In a state of pregnancy not be a barrier for those of you who accepted the role as bridesmaid, because Eden Bridals provide for your of maternity bridesmaid dress which gorgeous. Maternity bridesmaid dresses by Eden Bridals applied hem line skirt with floor-length design, also with spaghetti strap. The maternity bridesmaid dresses by Eden Bridals in the pictures is sophisticated sheath and used chiffon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Melissa Sweet Mini Length Wedding Dress

Melissa Sweet Mini Length Wedding Dress

Which surprising Melissa Sweet launch of the wedding dress with mini-length on skirt. Mini length wedding dress by Melissa Sweet applied some embellishments and appliques like beading and lace that integrates with ivory fabric. Mini length wedding dress by Melissa Sweet also designed high neckline and adjusted with sleeves design.

Faviana Sweetheart Prom Wedding Dresses

Short Wedding DressFaviana Sweetheart Prom Wedding Dresses

A prom dresses for wedding designed by Faviana with beautiful and stunning, combined with some embellishments namely floral appliques on one shoulder strap and in stomach. Prom wedding dresses by Faviana looks impressive with sweetheart neckline, which very silky and bright with royal blue chiffon. The sweetheart prom wedding dresses by Faviana applied short skirt , so that inspire you to seek immediate in the boutique center.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

White Chocolate Vintage Wedding Dress by Scott Corridan

Wedding Dress SleevesWhite Chocolate Vintage Wedding Dress by Scott Corridan

This is a wedding dress that was popularized by Scott Corridan with label white chocolate wedding dress. Chocolate wedding dress by Scott Corridan in the pictures designed vintage, which has a characteristic with collar, sleeves and mermaid design. One of the most important thing of the white vintage wedding dress by Scott Corridan these used taffeta and keyhole on neckline also with hemisphere skirt.

short dresses DD

Casual Dresses

With a lovely business casual you are going to enjoy those days when you just want to feel like the girl you are inside without the burden of trying to please anyone at the office with some heavy formal dresses and suits, and especially when the weather is getting just a little warmer, you will be at your best because of its light nature.As a modern woman you juts must have a sundress that

Baby Doll Short Wedding Dress

Mini Wedding DressBaby Doll Short Wedding Dress

Many brides express themselves on the wedding day especially when wearing a wedding dress theme, who want to look different at a previous wedding. And now introducing of the wedding dress with baby doll style, is very sexy with mini short on hem line skirt. On top baby doll wedding dress designed sleeveless and high neckline styles with floral appliques. The baby doll short wedding dress in the pictures with tulle and taffeta also on designed layered on skirt with ruffle style.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mother Of The Brides Halter Wedding Dresses

Floor Length Wedding DressMother Brides Halter Wedding Dresses

This is stunning wedding dress special for mother of the brides, which designed neckline halter surrounded floral applique like necklace. Halter wedding dresses for mother of the brides on hem line skirt be pieces of floor-length design and the most special solid between wedding dress fabric namely taffeta with floral applique used blue color.

formal evening dresses BB

Black Dresses

formal dress II

formal dress

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plus size dresses S

Gorgeous A-line Wedding Gown by Christos

Gorgeous A-line Wedding Gown by Christos

This is wedding gown by Christos you can see is very gorgeous with some sophisticated accent especially on cap sleeves with beading. Gorgeous wedding gown by Christos these designed a-line also combined between silks and tulle to achieve overlay design. A-line wedding gown by Christos in the pictures use sash also designed floor length is really gorgeous for your wedding.

formal evening dresses AA

Sunday, March 13, 2011

short dresses ASE

Stunning Champagne Floor Length Wedding Dress

Embroidery Wedding DressStunning Champagne Floor Length Wedding Dress

When you are invited on the evening wedding you certainly confused determine of the appropriate wedding dress. Basically for evening wedding dress use dark colors, as you see in the pictures champagne wedding dress truly stunning. The champagne wedding dress these beside stunning also elegant looks, because hem line skirt designed floor-length. Stunning champagne floor length wedding dress these very creative combine elements of motive and pattern such as ruflled on skirt, embroidery also removable strap.

wedding party dress aq

Party Dress awe

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white dresses SS

Sarah Danielle Prom Wedding Gowns with Sleeves Illusion

Sleeves Wedding DressSarah Danielle Prom Wedding Gowns with Sleeves illusion

This is the kind of prom gowns to wedding by Sarah Danielle, if you observe in the sleeves looks illusion because used tulle eggplant. Prom wedding gowns with sleeves illusion by Sarah Danielle inspired bohemian styles and looks with beading sash. Prom wedding gowns with sleeves illusion by Sarah Danielle also designed neckline scoop anf with floor-length hemline.

dark blue evening dress AW

green evening dress AS

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Venus Floor Length Flower Girl Dress

Lace Flower Girl DressVenus Floor Length Flower Girl Dress

Venus will change the appearance of your little angels with the role of flower girl in the wedding with gorgeous dress. This time flower girl dress by Venus also looks elegant you can see the end of the skirt applied floor-length which very very measurable. The floor length flower girl dress by Venus also added embroidery cluster flower applique and very polite to the children with scoop neckline.

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Reem Acra Embroidered Wedding Gown with Sleeves

Reem Acra Embroidered Wedding Gown with Sleeves

Reem Acra is a talented designer which has manifested the ideas with some collection of gorgeous dresses. This time Reem Acra present of wedding gown with fully embroidered and designed long sleeves so like princess. Wedding gown by Reem Acra combined between the two fabric namely between tulle applied on embroidered and sleeves also gold silks applied on ruffle skirt.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

wedding dress english dc


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Kenneth Pool Beaded Floor Length Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding DressKenneth Pool Beaded Floor Length Wedding Dress

A strapless wedding dress created by Kenneth Pool with beautiful and magical, fully beaded until limit on skirt manifested detachable. Kenneth Pool pour silhouette fit and flare and on skirt designed floor-length on wedding dress plus with beaded the more fascinating. Floor length wedding dress with beaded by Kenneth Pool incorporate some elements of fabric like satin and silk with champagne color.

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Demetrios Strapless Corset Top Wedding Dress

Tulle Wedding DressDemetrios Strapless Corset Top Wedding Dress

You certainly know Demetrios a designer who is expert creating a wedding dress. This time Demetrios gives the sensation with launching a stunning wedding dress which added an important silhouette and make a breakthrough with corset top and applied strapless neckline. Strapless wedding dress with corset top prove Demetrios has succeeded create a beautiful wedding dress, also combines bold of tulle on skirt and beading. Strapless corset top wedding dress is a manifestation of ball gown designed ankle-length.

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khloe kardashian wedding

he late September wedding of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom continues to pique celebrity gossip readers' interest. And make both of them a lot of money.Last week, we took you inside the wedding of the reality star and NBA player. Now, more pictures of the magical ceremony and reception have been released.Here's the bride and groom (who's reportedly still hammering out a prenup, as this wedding

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paula Varsalona Mermaid Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding DressPaula Varsalona Mermaid Wedding Dress

Paula Varsalona is very understanding to create a gorgeous wedding dress, as you can see a wedding dress designed mermaid with ivory theme. Mermaid wedding dress by Paula Varsalona created with organza so it is freely fitted fully lace. Mermaid wedding dress by Paula Varsalona also has a sexy element that form of v-neck styles.

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Liz Fields Halter Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

Pleated Wedding DressLiz Fields Halter Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

Now Liz Fields bring a special dress for bridesmaid dress as one of wedding participants, with a very charming style with halter braided and sweetheart. Not only halter and sweetheart these bridesmaid dress by Liz Fields also fitted pleated bust so look fantasia styles. Halter sweetheart bridesmaid dress by Liz Fields can inspire you for soon you get in stores.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wedding hair half up

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Romantic Platinum Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Strapless Wedding DressRomantic Platinum Trumpet Wedding Dresses

One more new wedding dresses who has a romantic appearance namely platinum wedding dresses. If you look at the picture gallery perfection of the wedding dresses wrapped with silk platinum with a few accents and silhouettes some beads embroidered until skirt designed trumpet. Romantic platinum wedding dresses on trumpet skirt designed detachable, very flexible and harmonious with a combination strapless.

Preparing a Wedding Budget

Although, maybe not a wedding budget sound interesting, not necessarily a negative thing. On the other hand, planning a wedding without a budget is the easiest way to start a marriage in serious debt. The key to success is really basic. Open and honest communication is a must.Affianced couples need to talk about what they both want for their big day. Although, most women start planning their big

Beautiful Wedding Card

spears wedding

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Gorgeous Moonlight Wedding Dress

Halter Wedding DressGorgeous Moonlight Wedding Dress

This is gorgeous wedding dress is moonlight types, and may your new look. The moonlight wedding dress these looks gorgeous because designed with accents and attractive style like halter with beaded on strap also a line beaded that as a sign boundary between bra and tummy. The gorgeous moonlight wedding dress so appear on sweetheart and floor-length on skirt, so appreciate a romantic dress.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sexy Blush Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding DressSexy Blush Wedding Dress

This is blush wedding dress that without detachable, but have the impression sexy looks on strapless side designed sweetheart so as to form parts of the cleavage. Sexy blush wedding dress with ivory theme also with embroidery lace so more perfect. The more interesting of sexy blush wedding dress concentrated on skirt designed vertical pleated from the suture line.

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Cute Wedding Cake

Bee Wedding Cake

Baby Wedding Cake

Birds Wedding Cake


June is The Most Popular Wedding Month

How did June come to be the most popular wedding month?If we dig deeper, seems practicality may be the driving force behind this modern-day wedding trend.HarvestBack in the day, couples often chose to marry in accordance to their peak harvest time. Having a June wedding meant that a possible Summer pregnancy would still be early enough in the season that a wife could help out with manual work

TIE Tuxedo Shirt Star wars motif

Joan Calabrese Embroidered Flower Girl Dress

Ivory Flower Girl DressJoan Calabrese Embroidered Flower Girl Dress

Joan Calabrese known to be very expert create flower girl dress, which is always gorgeous and sophisticated. This time in the pictures of flower girl dress by Joan Calabrese with embroidered lace combined with satin, tulle and ivory organza. Flower girl dress by Joan Calabrese these appears embroidered on cap sleeves, silhouette and skirt so very harmonious.

Chinese Take-Out Wedding Cake

Yep, this is a wedding cake. This Asian-inspired beauty spares no details, even down to the chopsticks!(source)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ian Stuart Princess Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding DressIan Stuart Princess Wedding Dress

Each created a wedding dress Ian Stuart always inspired of wedding dress from Marie Antoinette like in the pictures. Wedding dress by Ian Stuart these designed like princess, and with detailed considering all the elements of princess wedding dress character like designed ball gown and strapless. Ian Stuart also very ambitious to perfection of princess wedding dress with adding patterns and special applique like embroidery lace, ruffled and pleated on skirt.

Painted Wedding Cakes

One trend we are starting to see get some buzz is brides choosing "painted" wedding cakes instead of highly-textured fondant designs. If you're a planning bride, I'd keep this option open. Here are a few divine inspirations from JollyBe Bakery to help kick start your creative juices.What are you thoughts on painted wedding cakes?

Most Patriotic Wedding Dress Ever

In honor of Fourth of July, we present to you the Red, White and Blue patriotic flag wedding dress.P.S. We think it's photoshopped too :)

How To Submit Articles To BrideTide

Planning brides and wedding professionals visit BrideTide on a daily basis to keep up with the pulse of the entire wedding industry. Our members submit fresh, user-generated content every hour that constantly updates with newest ideas and the latest bridal inspiration. Members then vote on their favorite submissions which automatically move up towards the top of the home page.Step One: Register

Random Wedding Cake of the Day #895


Bacon Ring Bearers

Yes, those are "bacon" suits. Makes you wonder what the wedding cake looked like.

Wedding Photographer FAIL

In case you didn't know, being a wedding photographer is a dangerous profession.

It's Here! The Everything Wedding Blog Carnival #6

A big thanks for Austin Wedding Blog for hosting the sixth edition of the Everything Wedding Blog Carnival! Over 50+ links of wedding goodness! What are you waiting for, jump on over and visit the blog carnival!

BHLDN Pleated Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding DressBHLDN Pleated Wedding Dress

Which creative and innovative BHLDN offer the wedding dress with all the alterations to create alternative. Wedding dress with gray linen designed fully pleated on top until bottom, and looks harmonious with gray sash and designed strapless. BHLDN pleated wedding dress more specific resemble dove fur mounted with sideways pattern.