Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Avoiding the "Wedding" name-game trap

While planning my own wedding I couldn't help but notice everything "wedding related" came with an inflated price tag. I wish I did what friends of mine did and planned the entire event with vendors as a "family gathering" instead of a wedding. They saved a bundle! AND they have a funny story about how their contact at the venue indignantly exclaimed the day of, "You didn't tell me it was for a wedding!"

You may not want to go that far, but why not leave the word "wedding" out while pricing most of your services? Try and and I'm sure you'll be surprised. Aside from the reception, your next biggest expense (or so you thought!) might be your dress. Why are wedding dresses so expensive? As I learned in business school, the prices for pretty much everything we buy are governed not by what is a reasonable profit for the manufacturer, but by what the market will bear. Without going into too much economics, this basically means that there will be dresses at all prices points as long as there are brides willing to part with their money.

The good news these days is that there is increased competition and so many more dresses to choose from. This means more options at the "reasonable" end of the spectrum. If you haven't seen my Web site yet, check it out. You can design your own wedding dress and buy it online. With that shameless plug, that concludes today's post!

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