Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are we witnessing the end of "the train"?

It seems that no one wants a train on their wedding dress these days. Let me explain. I receive many requests each day to design custom made wedding dresses, and lately pretty much all of my customers make it clear: "no train". Yesterday someone left the door open by stating "maybe just enough train to touch the ground a little." That seems to be the most extra fabric anyone wants!

They say bridal fashion is slow to change, but that when it does change it is in big steps and lasts a while. This could be a prime example! We'll have to keep tabs on this trend for you. Take our survey at the right! Incidentally, designers (myself included) have been using shorter trains this season, but not eliminating them completely. The advantage of a customizable wedding dress such as what we provide at Custom Couture Bridal is that the length of the train is completely up to each bride. Hallelujah!

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