Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wedding dress Inspiration 2012

After even more disappointment  with what my local bridal houses have to offer, I turn to one of my old bookmarks and found a couple of new favs. The first two are by Manuel Mota for Pronovias.

The highlight of this one is the ethereal wings flowing from the shoulders up to the length of the dress. Very nice, but the effect may be lost when used with a long veil, you may want to consider flowers or delicate bridal hair accessories instead.

Baju pengantin labuh Pronovias wedding gown
Grecian dress with lotsa draping. “I am a Greek Goddess waiting at your gates of love, Ares”.

Baju pengantin ala Puteri Yunani Greek, Pronovias Greek Princess inspired Grecian dress
Grecian dress with lotsa draping. “I am a Greek Goddess waiting at your gates of love, Ares”.

Baju pengantin lengan pendek La Sposa short sleeve lace wedding dress
The next few dresses are from Pronovias Barcelona La Sposa main collection.

I’m starting to like short sleeves lace dresses more now, but the sleeve length must be right – very short or cap sleeves will stop at the most meatiest part of my upper arm, which is not good; the lace sleeves on the dress below looks a better fit. Question: Will a mermaid-style dress prevent you from walking comfortably all-day long?
Baju pengantin ala sepanyol La Sposa Spanish goyesca inspired wedding dress
I adore this next one. I feel it has Spanish goyesca feel to it and kinda reminds me of an Anne Avantie creation, except this is softer and more feminine. As you may be able to tell from the large ribbon at the model’s waist, the outer garment can be removed completely to reveal a beautiful-enough-to-be-worn-on-its-own gown.

Snow white cinderella gown fairytale wedding dress, baju perkahwinan pengantin Pengantin cerita dongeng
Gorgeous! You can wear this without the pretty bell-sleeved lace bolero. I lurve how skirt falls so perfectly.

Baju pengantin putih muslimah, La Sposa bolero lace wedding gown

The majority of the dresses in this collection have detachable accessories so you have the option of wearing them as strapless dresses. But what I really like is the fact that the separate pieces are really well-designed, so they look really good together instead of looking like an afterthought, you know like, “Oh we need to corner the flabby arms market so let’s slap some dodgy detachable sleeves on this one.” -_-”

Evidence No. 79. The off-shoulder option. You’d think that this is a one-piece but no! The top is removable, with buttons at the back.

La Sposa off-shoulder lace wedding gown, baju majlis perkahwinan

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