Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shop Feature-Kelley of Drawworm

Today's feature is about Kelly,an artist who has a shop on etsy.She draws custom portraits from photographs,and her bridal drawings are really lovely.I got to ask her a few questions,and she shared some photos from her wedding,as well.

(Kelley's self portrait)

Me:Tell us a little bit about you and your shop.
Kelley:In high school my mom gave me a book called "Draw Real People!" and my life was never the same. I especially liked drawing pictures for my friends and seeing their expressions when I gave them the drawings. Two years ago I opened up my Etsy shop, "drawworm," where I draw custom pencil portraits from people's photographs. My customers so far have been awesome, and working closely with them is a lot of fun.

Me:When did you first start drawing?
Kelley:There has never been a time in my life when I wasn't drawing. Seriously, I can't remember a time when I didn't feel a need to have some paper and pens nearby.

Me:Story behind your shop name?
Kelley:When I was young, my father saw me with my nose buried in a book and said, "You're such a bookworm!" My little brother, knowing my love for drawing, added, "Yeah, and you're a drawworm, too!"

Me:Are you married?What was your wedding like?Any favorite vendors?
Kelley:I got married two years ago in a quaint, white chapel. We had a small reception in the church courtyard, and were blessed with mild, sunny California weather. We had the caterer serve bubble milk tea at our reception. Our younger guests loved it, while our older guests (who had not yet been introduced to the recent bubble tea trend) were a little befuddled. Either way, people really remember the bubble tea at our wedding!

(Guests drinking bubble tea)

Me:I know this varies,but about how long does it take you to draw a Custom Bridal Portrait from Photo 9x12?
Kelley:I usually finish a 9x12 drawing within two weeks, but I can do it in one week, if needed.
(Custom Bridal Portrait from Photo - 9x12)

Me:One of your favorite drawings so far?
Kelley:My favorite drawing is this one:Angel Portrait

I like the "bokeh" effect in the background.

Me:One or two random facts about you? :)
1. I am left-handed
2. I hate the feel of egg cartons

Me:Do you have a twitter,facebook,or blog?
Kelley:I do have a blog, where you can see other drawings I'm working on, cool stuff I find on Etsy, and other artists I find inspiring.

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