Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Convertible Wedding Dress!

It's funny how little wedding dresses have changed in the last twenty years when you think of how much the rest of fashion has changed. Other types of clothing have changed with changing needs: we have women's suits designed to go from office to evening, there are jeans for almost every possible occasion. Well, time for some innovation in the wedding dress department!

Brides want a dress that will be beautiful AND practical. Elegant yet sexy. Something that gets the point across as to who is the blushing bride, but will also have her new hubby thanking his lucky stars as he catches a glimpse over at her on the dance floor thinking, "My new wife looks HOT!"

Without further ado, I announce the latest creation from Custom Couture Bridal: the convertible wedding dress.

convertible wedding dress
By unzipping the hidden zipper, Voila! You are ready to re-emerge as the ever so styling dance floor diva that you are. You can even wear this dress again in it's short form without having to "sacrifice" the original wedding dress. And, this can be very a very budget-friendly alternative to buying two wedding dresses...!

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