Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Considering a Custom Made Wedding Dress?

If you're considering a custom made wedding dress, here's what to consider first:
  • Do you know what will look good on you? If not, consider checking out this guide to wedding dresses that flatter your figure.
  • Do you know the terminology? This will help you to communicate with your service provider effectively in their language.
  • Are you tempted to copy a designer style? Consider customizing the style rather than making a copy. Reputable designers won't make a replica anyway. Think of your gown as part of your legacy. Do you want took back at your special day and think about how you stole a designer's intellectual property? I'm sure you would you rather think about how you created a totally unique dress that expresses your style and individuality.
  • Are you in the process of losing weight? If so, consider a lace-up or corset type closure.
  • Think about adding a touch of color. That is part of the beauty of a custom made dress: you are in control! You can use the color to match your bridesmaids, mother, or hubby to be in some way.
  • Think about the formality of your wedding. You want the dress to be in synch with the setting, the time of day, the season, etc.
  • Make sure the fabric you choose matches the design of the dress. Not all dresses can be made in all fabrics. A good designer should be able to advise you. Looking for lots of movement and flow: chiffon is for you. Thinking traditional and more formal? A satin weave whether made of silk or a poly blend is perfect. Need a light, cool fabric? A taffeta weave is your friend!

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