Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Blog Has Moved!

Well,i finally took the leap and went over to wordpress for this blog.I'm also under a new name.It's "Sunlight and Lace".Hopefully I will stick to that,cause I have a terrible time picking names and sticking to them.How will I ever name my child in the future?lol.I imported all of the posts and comment from here to there.I will be leaving this blog up and checking on it every once in a while,as well.It's a bit hard leaving this blog,at least for now,but I felt like I needed a different name.And I like wordpress better in some ways.I choose the name Sunlight and Lace cause they are two of some of my favorite things.If you look at a lot of the things I feature,it has lace.I was also thinking of expanding what I blog about,too,and felt like the name would make it more,um,doable?
So head on over and check it out!
I'd love thoughts on it. :D

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