Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogging Schuldele

I have been thinking of having a blogging schedule,for both my blogs.I just posted on my other blog,Life Is More Than Beads,a tentative schedule for both that one and this one,but I decided I would put this one directly on here.This will probably take me a while to get into the swing of things,and I may have to change it around a little,but here goes.

I think I will blog at least every other day,though I will try for every day after a while.So it could be any of these I do.Will try to have it scheduled for Monday this,then Tuesday,this,but it will be random till I figure it out.
A dress pick of the week.
Have a jewelry pick of the week.
A photo of the week,though we'll see how that goes,since you usually have to get permission.I do know of some wonderful wedding photographers,and I want to feature their work.So I may feature a photographer every once in a while,as well.Hopefully I'll get some interviews,too.:)
I will put a an outfit together,either for bridesmaid,brides,or any time.One a week.
Every other week or every two weeks do a feature/interview with an etsy bridal shop.
Every other week,or every two weeks,pick a color,(maybe two or three),and search out the prettiest items to feature for that color.
And any other random thing I love.

And if you any thoughts or ideas,please comment below.I love comments!

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