Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, you lucky brides with TWO wedding dresses!

OK, I admit it, I'm envious of the brides who have decided to have one dress for the ceremony, and another dress for the reception. It's really a neat idea to be able to have a more traditional dress in the day for the ceremony and pictures, and then to be able to turn the sexiness level up a notch or two and dance the night away in a more glamorous creation. The "evening dress" can be a different color and a style more conducive to dancing.

All great in theory, but you need to budget for both dresses from the beginning. Get your prices and make sure to factor in alterations, and any additional accessories if necessary. We've been getting several requests for these gowns lately which have been inspired from red-carpet type dresses and sometimes music videos. Usually these dresses are NOT inspired from traditional bridal manufacturers who seem slow to pick up on this growing trend. We've gathered some of our Red-Carpet wedding dresses for you to get inspired. Have fun. And yes, I'm jealous!

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